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  • Breathing and Sleeping Disorder Remedy

    If you are suffering from a breathing or sleeping problem in the night, Charlotte Oral Surgery can provide the sleeping disorder remedy that you need. Whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or breathing comfortably throughout the night, we can help. Some of our most common treatment options include the following:

    • Oral appliances
    • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine
    • Soft tissue upper airway surgery
    • Sleep apnea or tongue base surgeries

    We Can Cure Sleeping Disorders in No Time

    Getting a restful night’s sleep is an integral part of any healthy lifestyle. If you are suffering from a sleeping disorder, you may find that you are more irritable, less productive, and more anxious during the day. You may also suffer from a number of health and dental conditions if you don’t have the problem corrected in a timely fashion.

    Diagnosing and Treating Your Symptoms

    The first step in treating any sleeping disorder is to correctly diagnose what is causing the problem. We can pinpoint the source of the problem using any of the following tests and techniques:

    • Skull X-ray analysis: This can provide a complete picture of what may be causing the problem.
    • Examination of the overall shape of the airway: We will examine the airway pattern type and any craniofacial skeletal relationships that may be affecting the airway.
    • Supine nasopharyngeal exam: This is completed using a flexible fiber-optic camera.
    • Measurement of upper airway volume: This is most typically accomplished utilizing sound waves.
    • Sleep study: If you are willing to undergo a sleep study, we can monitor your sleep patterns overnight. This will allow us to determine the exact amount of cardiovascular compromise and oxygenation levels.

    Specializing in Dental Sleep Medicine

    Dr. Kent Moore, M.D., D.D.S. specializes in dental sleep medicine and can provide the treatments necessary to treat any sleeping disorders or conditions that may be keeping you up at night. We have seen it all and can provide the right treatment for whatever may be plaguing you.

    Many people are affected by sleeping disorders. Don’t let the problems that affect you in the night begin impacting your waking life as well—call today.

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