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  • Tongue Base and Sleep Apnea Surgery

    Sleep apnea is a serious sleeping disorder that can lead to intermittent low blood oxygen levels throughout the night. Over time, this condition can lead to chronic fatigue, which can negatively affect your work and personal life, sleeping patterns, and even your driving ability. Charlotte Oral Surgery offers effective sleep apnea surgery to restore normal breathing patterns and a restful night’s sleep.

    There are a variety of surgical procedures designed to treat obstructive sleep apnea, including the following:

    • Upper airway surgery
    • Tongue base surgeries
    • Genioglossus advancement
    • Tongue suspension suture techniques
    • Hyoid suspension
    • Radiofrequency tongue base reduction
    • Jaw advancement surgery
    • Tracheotomy
    • Telegnathic surgery

    Soft Tissue Upper Airway Surgery

    We offer safe, effective surgical procedures that can remove upper airway obstructions. We work to accomplish this by slightly expanding the narrowed airway to result in a substantial increase in airflow. The procedure typically takes place in the back of the soft palate and throat. There are a variety of techniques available to best suit each patient’s particular needs and the severity of the problem. The surgery is typically performed under light intravenous sedation in our office or under general anesthesia at a hospital setting.

    What Can Cause the Problem?

    The narrowing of an airway can be caused by a number of things, including genetics, smoking, weight gain, alcohol use, and other environmental influences. This condition is something that can affect anyone at any time, so the best thing you can do is have the problem treated in a timely fashion. Regardless of what may have caused the problem, we have the solutions you need.

    Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

    When your airway is obstructed during sleep, it can impair the oxygenation of the blood stream and cause significant stress to the heart, endothelium, and lungs. As your body makes repeated attempts to ventilate against the closed airway, it can lead to a disturbance in your sleep pattern or cause you to wake up altogether.

    This pattern of abruptly waking usually takes place several times throughout the night, which can leave you feeling exhausted the following day. Once the problem is corrected through surgery or with oral appliances, you can sleep more soundly and won’t have to worry about being abruptly awoken by abnormal sleeping patterns.

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