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  • Effective Oral Surgery for Snoring

    Charlotte Oral Surgery offers oral surgery for snoring so that you can sleep more soundly and quietly throughout the night. The ideal treatment or surgical procedure will depend on your type and degree of snoring, dental conditions, and a number of other considerations. In most cases, we recommend expanding the airway because this is the only way to ensure that the snoring does not return.

    Seeking a Surgery to Stop Your Snoring?

    Snoring can be more than just a nuisance for you and your sleeping partner. It can actually begin affecting both your sleeping and waking life, and can progress into a potentially life-threatening disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea. The sooner you have the problem corrected, the better chance you will have of avoiding future medical concerns.

    Snoring can typically be treated with any of the following procedures:

    • Removal of the vibrating soft tissues from the soft palate
    • Stiffening of the vibrating soft tissues
    • Expansion of the constricted portion of the upper airway

    What Causes Snoring and Breathing Problems?

    Snoring is typically caused by the narrowing of the upper airway. This can lead to high-velocity airflow, which can impart kinetic energy to the soft tissues of the upper airway. This causes vibration of the soft tissue and the noise that most people associate with snoring. We recommend a sleep test for many of our patients so that we can monitor their sleeping patterns to pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem.

    How to Ease the Problem

    There are a number of generic options that can help to provide short-term relief from chronic snoring. For instance, simply changing your sleeping position, losing weight, avoiding alcohol at night, practicing healthy sleeping habits, and staying hydrated can help to relieve the problem in many cases. There are also a number of generic products, such as nasal strips, which can help to temporarily open the nasal passages and reduce snoring.

    Unfortunately, these generic products and solutions cannot provide a lasting resolution as they do not deal with the source of the problem. We can treat the current problem and help to prevent future snoring and sleep disorders so that your condition is quickly a thing of the past.

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